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ACM - Ethylene / acrylic elastomer


Properties: Stability in front of lubricating oils to high temperature. T: 170ºC Applications: Detents and meetings in automotion and machinery in general.

  BR - Butadiene rubber

Properties: Second synthetic in similar consumption and resultants to the SBR Applications: Tires, technical articles, etc.

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CSM - Chlorosulfonated poluethylenes


Properties: High resistance to the interperie, dissolvents and the flame. T: 140ºC Applications: Cables, joints, hoses and coatings to resist the action of acids and flames.

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  ECO - Plyepichlorohydryn

Properties: Resistance to oxidation, oils and high temperatures. T: 150ºC Applications: Industry of automotion, joints, diaphragms, membranes, tubes, etc., working with temperatures.

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  CR - Cholorprene rubber

Properties: Excellent characteristics and of auto-extinguible combustion. Resistance to dissolvents Applications: Protective coating of cables, transporting bands, expansion joints, etc.

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  EPDM - Ethyene-proyene diene monomer

Properties: Resistance outdoors, to the steam of water,alkalis, oxidating acids, etc. T: 140ºC Applications: Joints of doors and windows of automobile, sleeves of radiator, cable sleeve , membranes, bellows, etc.

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  IIR - Iisobutene-isoprene rubber

Properties: Low permeability to the air. High resistance to oils, dissolvents and acids, etc. T: 140ºC Applications: Cameras of tires, meetings, pipes, pharmaceutical corks and rafts.

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  MVQ - Silicone rubber

Properties: Ample margin of temperatures of use, car extinguibles, permeability to gases. Physiological Inicuidad. T: 250ºC Applications: Aeronautics industry articles, aerospace, electronic, surgery, pharmaceutics, etc.

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  NBR - Nitrile rubber

Properties: Good elastic and mechanical characteristics in spite of the contact with hydrocarbon fluids. T: 120ºC Applications: Varied applications: Joints, hoses, sleeves, press industrie rolls, etc. ebonite Manufacture.

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  NR - Natural rubber

Properties: High mechanical resistance. T: 120ºC Applications: Varied applications: Joints, hoses, sleeves, rollers of the press, etc. ebonite Manufacture.

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  SBR - Styrene butadiene rubber

Properties: Synthetic of greater consumption, it replaces natural rubber NR and with intermediate results. Applications: Tires, molded technical articles, etc.

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