> Top-level quality

The fundamental pretension of Moelsi is the satisfaction of our clients.

Continuous desire to satisfy totally its requirements and expectations is what it moves to us to recognize the necessity and importance of the continuous improvement of the quality in all the scopes of the company.

Estamos certificados según normativa ISO 14001:2015 y ISO/TS 16949:2009.





> The satisfaction of our clients is ours


Moelsi contributes the resources necessary to carry out these pretensions in the matter of Quality and to as well harness the participation of all its employees thus to be able to get to obtain them. Comprising of the Management of the Quality, the analysis by means of the scheduled inspection by the Direction, the changes, the Policy, the Objectives and the opportunities of improvement, they assure the adjustment, convenience and effectiveness of our System.


  By all it and because the quality is the constant in the management and the production of Moelsi, it is reason why we can offer, at any moment and with total guarantee, effective and competitive solutions to the necessities of the market.